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Who is Miz’s Wife: A Peek into the Life of Maryse Mizanin


In the world of professional wrestling, the name “Miz” is synonymous with charisma, athleticism, and showmanship. However, behind the scenes, the man behind “Miz,” whose real name is Mike Mizanin, has an equally captivating and influential partner. This article delves into the life and career of Maryse Mizanin, better known as Miz’s wife, exploring her journey from modeling to wrestling and her dynamic role as a mother and businesswoman.

The Introduction of Maryse

Maryse Mizanin: A Woman of Many Talents

Maryse Ouellet was born on January 21, 1983, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Her journey into the world of fame and entertainment began early when she pursued a career in modeling. Her striking looks and magnetic personality quickly made her a sought-after figure in the fashion industry.

Transition to Wrestling

Maryse’s transition from modeling to professional wrestling was a defining moment in her life. She made her WWE debut in 2006, immediately captivating the audience with her glamorous appearance and French-Canadian charm.

Championship Reigns

Maryse’s wrestling career peaked when she became the WWE Divas Champion not once, but twice. Her in-ring skills and ability to connect with the crowd solidified her position as one of the prominent female wrestlers of her era.

Life as a Miz

H4: Love Story with The Miz

Maryse’s life took an exciting turn when she met Mike Mizanin, known as “The Miz,” in WWE. Their on-screen chemistry eventually blossomed into a real-life romance. The couple’s love story quickly became a favorite among fans.

H3: Becoming Parents

In 2018, Maryse and The Miz welcomed their first child, a daughter named Monroe Sky Mizanin. This marked a significant milestone in their lives, and they embraced parenthood with enthusiasm and grace.

Maryse’s Impact Beyond Wrestling

H2: Entrepreneurial Ventures

While her wrestling career has been impressive, Maryse has also ventured into various entrepreneurial pursuits. She co-hosts the reality TV show “Miz & Mrs.” with her husband, offering viewers an intimate look into their family life.

H3: A Fashion Icon

Maryse’s sense of style has garnered attention in the fashion world. She has her clothing line, House of Maryse, which reflects her distinctive fashion sense and appeals to her fans.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, Maryse Mizanin is not just “Miz’s wife.” She is a multifaceted personality who has conquered the worlds of modeling, wrestling, and entertainment. Her love story with The Miz is a testament to their chemistry and mutual respect. As a mother and businesswoman, Maryse inspires many with her grace and determination.

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