Sports What You Need To Know About Quizizz Online Tools

What You Need To Know About Quizizz Online Tools



This week we have been reviewing the first year of Secondary. I am certainly somewhat annoyed with Kahoot. Let me tell you: The previous week we were preparing questions and answers with all the groups. The class was divided into about five groups, they had to elaborate a question with their four corresponding answers and indicate which one is correct for each of the topics that they were proposing. Logically, some questions were repeated and we discarded them. But in total we completed 63 questions with their corresponding answers. I finished work and, during the weekend, I receive an email from Kahoot that tells me that the questionnaire is in quarantine because there are inappropriate words, as detected by its “artificial intelligence”, totally that I can’t play and I have the “fun” I work during the weekend to pass the 63 questions to Quizizz that works wonderfully

That is the message that prevents me from playing Kahoot

I have commented to the students that this artificial intelligence is a bit silly, or “ artificial nonsense ”. Why? If you detect a bug in Kahoot, the logical thing is that you tell me where it is to correct it. But there is no way. I wrote complaining, and they answered me twice telling me that the game was private, but it is not. Let’s talk about Quizizz, which is very good and has no “artificial nonsense”

Honestly, at first, I didn’t like Quizizz very much. His philosophy was different. The model is the same: a question with four answers or true or false, but once launched, each player connected and only the marker on the board was visible. Now, as the image shows, there is a Beta version, in which you can play at the pace of the presenter. Very similar to what the other platform does.

When playing at the presenter’s pace, a screen appears in which the address that the players have to enter appears:, once there, enter a six-number code. Each participant puts his name and we can start playing.

While we play, we have several options: one to see the question posed with its four options, then to see a graph with what each player is answering, and a view of the markers. While I played in the classroom, during the first seconds I put the question with its answers, halfway through the time I went to the graph where the answers with the highest votes appear, which helps those who are undecided and finally, when I finished, I went to the marker, where you can see the overall result of the game.

Therefore, let’s try other tools, such as Quizizz that can help us gamify and not always use the same thing so that boys and girls don’t say “Kahoot again!!!” It’s similar but not the same as always.

When I finish writing this entry, they have already unlocked the Kahoot for me. At last!! The curse word was “shell”, I already said, that artificial intelligence is very stupid sometimes. It is true that in some countries that word is used as an insult, to send you to…, but it was not the context, nor did it have anything to do with it. It was in the context of liturgical elements of baptism. That is why sometimes automated systems, instead of helping, hinder. Thanks to Steven from Kahoot for finally looking at what was happening and fixing it.

Which of the two applications do I prefer? With the two. Kahoot is still very playful. In other words, there is more partying, more games, and more fun in the classroom. However, Quizizz is more to learn. The game stops at each question and we can see, correct, and talk about the correct question. Kahoot seems, at least it happens to me as it goes very fast. The kids are so excited that they want more, which is not the case at Quizizz. Thus, to learn, deepen and review, I prefer the latter and to play, I simply prefer Kahoot, for something more playful. Have you tried both platforms? Which prefer? By the way, there is also Plikers, I tried it with it, but the free version is so limited that I don’t know if it would be worth making a game for five questions.

10 Tools to make your own “quizziz” Online

We bring you a selection of applications and websites with which you can make your questionnaires or “quizzes” online, with which you can evaluate the children while keeping them motivated.

1. Sporcle

With, it is very easy to create a quiz on any topic you can imagine. Then you can share it with your friends, or with the whole world! You will be able to check how many people have taken your quiz and how they have done it.

Sporcle has thousands of entertaining and challenging trivia games. From sports to literature, there is a quiz for everyone. You can browse through 15 different categories or simply select a random quiz and start playing.

Rate your performance on each quiz and store the information directly in the app. Thus, you can keep track of what tests you have done and how you did them. You can also get more detailed statistics about each game, seeing how your performance compares to other players. You will even be able to comment on the quizzes, classify them and invite your friends to solve them.

2. Gnowledge  is a free educational platform where everyone can create, post, share, and take tests, exercises, and assignments. It is an online medium that allows you to create exams, tests, and tests among the educational community and share them between teachers and students.

The platform works as a space for learning and sharing knowledge. In it, turn, the exercises and exams function as teaching practices among the group of students.

It presents 3 options: create, share, and learn. Through each of these modules, you can design and create the test. In addition to serving as a study method for the class, it can also be shared. The tests are organized by recent and popular, but it is possible to search according to themes, countries, and educational institutions.

3. Kahoot

Google Play is a free platform that allows the creation of evaluation questionnaires. It is a tool with which the teacher can create contests in the classroom to learn or reinforce the learning of their students, who will be the contestants.

There are 2 game modes: group or individual. The question games, once created, are accessible to all users. They can be reused and even modified to guarantee learning. You can modify the countdown time and the possible answers. You can also add photos or videos. Finally, whoever gets the highest score wins.

4. Quizlet

Google Play  is an educational website and mobile app that trains students through flashcards and various games and tests.

With Quizlet, you can create your flashcards or choose from the millions of flashcards created by other students. From foreign language, history, and science classes to exam preparation. It can help you prepare for any test.

Flashcards can include text and images. Once created, the tool automatically creates activities and games to interact with the topics and evaluate learning. One of them is the test, in which you can create open, pairing, multiple choice, and true or false questions.

5. Quizizz

Google Play  is an application to create personalized questions in a playful and fun way. With it, the teacher generates the questions on the web and provides the students with a questionnaire code so that they can answer from a computer or mobile device.

It is an interactive application and allows students to be evaluated individually or in groups. In addition, it offers a function to create memes and for students to see one when they get it right and another when they fail. A very fun way to learn and check knowledge.

6. Type the form makes collecting and sharing information super easy. It is an online platform that you can use to create everything from surveys to applications, without having to write a single line of code.

Typeforms are designed in such a way that they are attractive. They show the questions one at a time, just like in a real conversation. And completing them is a lot of fun.

You can use the tool for free, but if you want to access more features you will have to go to their payment plans.

7. Buzzfeed With Buzzfeed, you have it all. The news you want to read now, the stories and quizzes that will be trending on social media tomorrow, and the vital recipes and tips you didn’t know you needed.

The application has an extensive collection of quizzes on the most varied topics. For you to check your knowledge or simply have a good time. In addition, you can create your quizzes, which you can share with your friends. To find out, for example, if they know as much about you as they thought.

8. Educaplay In Educaplay you can create and find educational activities, manage groups, export your resources, and use them on any device. It is considered the most complete gamification tool.

It is a platform for the creation of multimedia educational activities, characterized by its attractive and professional results. It is aimed at creating a community of users with a vocation to learn and teach while having fun. It offers various possibilities so that teaching professionals can install their own online educational space on the platform, to take their classes to another level of participation.

In addition, you will be able to share your multimedia activities in developed web environments, as well as on websites with customized programming.

9. GoConqr At GoConqr you’ll find an integrated set of content creation tools for every step of the learning journey.

It is a personalized online learning environment that allows you to create, discover and share great educational content. Its range of applications makes it easy for you to create quality learning material that adapts to each learning style and each educational level. Mental maps, tests, cards, notes, slides, and diagrams. It even allows you to group all the materials you have created in a learning course.

10. EasyLMS de QuizWorks EasyLMS is a very easy-to-use and very intuitive learning management system.

With its online quiz creator, making a quiz is very easy and will take you less than 5 minutes. It includes plenty of question types to choose from: text, multiple choice, image, or multiple correct answers. Each quiz has its leaderboard in which participants fight for first place.

It offers you a wide set of tools to make your quiz, exam or evaluation fit your needs. You will be able to integrate it into your website and, thus, the user will be able to share it so that it reaches a wider audience.

They have several plans with different features and prices, but all include a 7-day free trial period.

Quizizz: A dynamic and fun evaluation tool

Since I completed my master’s studies in Information Technology, I have tried to find new ways to teach and evaluate my students, so since last year I have been looking for and applying some tools for this purpose in the face-to-face modality and with the support of training at the University, I met a tool that I found very interesting and fun called Quizizz.

Quizizz is a free digital tool that allows you to create online questionnaires in which you can insert text, formulas, images, and audio so that students can respond individually or as a team, either live or as a task from any electronic device. such as mobile, computer, or tablet connected to the internet.

I have been applying this tool in the subject of Mathematics 1.0, such as at the end of a learning session to evaluate the contents carried out. Students make use of the electronic devices they have and enter and it is not necessary for them to register since they can do it with their Google user, they must enter the PIN that assigns the quiz to be developed, their names and surnames and the challenge begins!!! That easy.

Making use of this tool has allowed me to stimulate the active and playful participation of the students, which I was able to observe in the face-to-face classes, and now in the current situation in which we find ourselves, having transferred that experience to the virtual modality, I also It has brought a lot of satisfaction since the students are responding positively. Evaluating can be fun too!

The most interesting are the reports of results that it provides, these are very complete, and the level of precision of the questionnaire can be analyzed in general and for each question, providing interesting data such as; the most difficult question, the longest among others. Likewise, the time it took to complete the questionnaire, its successes and failures, is detailed per student, which allows for more effective and personalized feedback.

On the other hand, it is also possible to use it as a Flipped Classroom, giving students previous sources of information and evaluating through a Quizizz about what they have read; Likewise, it can be used to determine the preliminary knowledge to a class and have an idea of ​​the level with which it is starting. In short, each teacher can adapt it according to the nature of his subject and in the way he deems most convenient, the idea is to apply it. “It’s not about doing extraordinary things, it’s about doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.”


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