News Textsheet and Chegg: A Comparison of Online Study Tools

Textsheet and Chegg: A Comparison of Online Study Tools


In today’s digital era, online study tools have revolutionized the way students approach their education. With a vast array of resources available at their fingertips, learners can access a wealth of knowledge to supplement their classroom learning. Two popular platforms that have gained significant attention in recent years are Textsheet and Chegg. Both offer solutions to academic queries and provide study materials, but they differ in their approaches and features. This article aims to compare Textsheet and Chegg, shedding light on their functionalities, benefits, and limitations.

Textsheet: An Overview

Textsheet was an online platform that gained popularity for providing answers and solutions to questions sourced from Chegg. Users could input a question from their textbooks or homework, and Textsheet would present them with the corresponding answers or explanations. It acted as a complementary resource for students seeking additional support in their studies. However, Textsheet faced legal challenges due to copyright infringement issues, which ultimately led to its shutdown.

Chegg: An Overview

Chegg is an established online learning platform that offers a range of services to students. It provides textbook solutions, study guides, tutoring, and internship connections, making it a comprehensive educational platform. Chegg operates on a subscription-based model, allowing users to access its vast database of study materials and resources.

Features and Functionality:

1. Textsheet:
– Textsheet’s primary function was to provide answers and solutions to textbook questions.
– It sourced content from Chegg, making it an unofficial, third-party platform.
– The platform no longer exists due to legal issues.

2. Chegg:
– Chegg offers a broader range of services beyond just textbook solutions.
– It provides step-by-step explanations for textbook problems, helping students understand concepts.
– Chegg Study subscription gives users access to a vast library of study materials and resources.
– The platform also offers tutoring services, allowing students to get personalized assistance.
– Chegg’s database includes a wide variety of subjects and disciplines.
– It features an interactive Q&A community where students can ask and answer questions.
– Chegg also provides internship connections, helping students explore career opportunities.

Benefits and Limitations:

1. Textsheet:
– Before its shutdown, Textsheet was free to use, which attracted many students.
– It provided quick answers and solutions to textbook questions, aiding in homework completion.
– However, the platform’s legality was questionable, as it violated copyright laws.

2. Chegg:
– Chegg offers a comprehensive learning experience with various study tools and resources.
– Its step-by-step explanations help students grasp complex concepts.
– The tutoring services provide personalized assistance and support.
– Chegg’s Q&A community fosters collaborative learning among students.
– Internship connections broaden students’ horizons and enhance their career prospects.
– One limitation of Chegg is the subscription fee required to access its premium features.


While Textsheet and Chegg both aimed to assist students in their academic pursuits, they differed significantly in their approaches. Textsheet, though no longer operational, provided quick answers and solutions to textbook questions for free. However, its unauthorized use of Chegg’s content led to its closure due to copyright issues. On the other hand, Chegg offers a comprehensive learning platform with a wide range of services, including textbook solutions, tutoring, and internship connections. Although it requires a subscription fee, Chegg provides valuable resources and support to students, fostering a more enriching educational experience.

When utilizing online study tools, it is essential to respect intellectual property rights and rely on authorized platforms to ensure ethical academic practices. Chegg remains a reliable and legitimate resource for students seeking additional study materials, tutoring, and career guidance


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