News crash of a migrant boat. There might have been...

crash of a migrant boat. There might have been 700 passengers.


The tragedy, which authorities describe as the “greatest in Greek history”, occurred on Wednesday off the coast of the Peloponnese. A boat that was probably going to Italy sank. There may have been between 500 and 700 migrants on board. At the moment, 79 deaths are known. 104 people were saved. Rescue operations are underway and three days of national mourning have been declared in Greece.

Up to 700 people may have been on board the boat that sank off the coast of Greece

Greece. Migrant boat crash. The action of the services is underway

At the moment, it is known that up to 500  people  could have been on board  , although the survivors say that up to 700 migrants traveled on the boat. However, this information is not confirmed by the Greek authorities, as reported by government spokesman Ilias Siakantaris.

Authorities initially determined that the boat with the migrants sank in international waters, about 75 km southwest of the city of Pylos on the west coast of the Peloponnese, one of the deepest regions of the Mediterranean Sea.

The activities of the services are underway, which did not stop working even at night. The rescue operation was hampered by strong winds. The coastguard, as well as the navy, merchant ships and aircraft, are participating in the search, according to the online portal.

Migrant boat crash. On board 700 people

Observers note that many of the victims did not know how to swim, and the coast guard said no one was wearing life jackets – this is known because the boat was seen by a plane from EU border agency Frontex the day before.

Moreover, according to the documentation provided by the Greek Ministry of Shipping, the relevant vessels made contact with the boat on several occasions via satellite phone, but the assistance offered was rejected. “We want nothing more than to get to Italy , ” they said.

There are reports that a fishing boat was about to capsize because too many people suddenly went over to one side. This was also indicated by a coast guard officer, addressing the country’s president, Ekaterini Sakielaropoulu, during the briefing.

Survivors received the necessary medical care, as well as sleeping bags, blankets, and food. Government officials declared three days of national mourning, and the boat accident was described as “the greatest tragedy of migrants in Greece”.

On Wednesday, in the Mediterranean Sea off the southern coast of Greece, there was an accident in a boat carrying migrants.

At least 78 people have already died. In turn, 104 travelers were saved. The rescued migrants were taken to shelters in the southern port of Kalamata. the service still oprating.

Disaster off the coast of Greece. 750 people on board

The toll of people after the shipwreck off the coast of Greece, on which migrants were sailing, is still growing. At least 78 people died and 104 migrants survived. It is estimated that “this is one of the deadliest tragedies in the Mediterranean in a decade.” The ship could carry up to 750 people.

The balance sheet is tragic after the migrant boat disaster

Six coastguard vessels, a navy frigate, a military transport plane, an air force helicopter, several private vessels and a Frontex drone are involved in the extensive search operation.

Greek government spokesman Ilias Sakantaris said there may have been 750 people on board the boat . However, these are unofficial estimates.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimates that up to hundreds of people may have drowned in this accident. “This is one of the deadliest tragedies in the Mediterranean in a decade,” the IOM said.



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