RLYW Lineup Toy
RLYW Lineup Toy (originally coded by Steve Stein)
To use the Lineup Toy:
  • Choose a year from the menu above the left-hand list box. In addition to the actual data for 2003-2007, there is an option to choose 2008 CAIRO projections, 2008 CHONE projections or 2008 ZiPS projections..
  • Choose nine players from the left-hand list (you can navigate the list with the keyboard or arrow keys; you can select from the list by hitting the "Enter" key.

  • When you have selected 9 players, hit the "Suggest Lineup" button. The Lineup Toy will suggest a reasonable lineup to use, based on the statistics of the chosen players.

The Lineup Toy uses On-Base Percentage (OBP), Slugging Percentage (Slg) and On-Base plus Slugging Percentage (OPS) to come up with a suggested lineup, using the following strategy.

1. Put the best OPS in 3rd
2. Put the best remaining Slg in 4th
3. Put the best remaining OBP's in 1st and 2nd (with the better Slg in 2nd)
4. Arrange the remaining players in order of descending Slg

This is not intended to be a lineup optimizer. It is merely a tool for figuring out the RC27 for team of the nine players selected if you use the strategy above.

RC27 is the estimated runs scored for 27 outs of the given lineup. It's computed by figuring out how many plate appearances each player will get on average; scaling the player's stats to that number of plate appearances; adding the stats up to produce a team's total bases and on-base percentage; and multiplying those to come up with a simple Runs Created figure.

Thanks to Steve Stein for sharing this.

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